Valeo Recovery Center (VRC)

Valeo Recovery Center (VRC) serves anyone experiencing substance use disorders. VRC offers a wide range of treatment services to individuals and their families and accepts persons served with stabilized co-occurring disorders. One on one, and group counseling is provided by Licensed Addiction Counselors during day and evening hours. At VRC the least restrictive level of care to meet the individual’s treatment needs is utilized based on assessment. Each treatment experience includes an individualized treatment plan with recommendations for intervention strategies, as well as discharge planning. VRC is dedicated to recovery and relapse prevention.

Services Provided

~ Assessment
~ Social Detoxification
~ Inpatient Residential Treatment
~ Reintegration
~ Intensive Outpatient Treatment
~ Continuing Care Treatment
~ Drug Testing
~ Homeless Outreach
~ Jail Treatment Program


Valeo Recovery Center

330 SW Oakley Avenue
Topeka, KS 66606



For Social Detoxification call (785) 234-3448 or (785) 233-1730 ext. 6400.

For the Jail Treatment Program, inmates must contact program staff within the Shawnee County Jail for eligibility.

For all other treatment services, contact Admissions staff at (785) 233-1730 ext. 6380.