The Valeo Foundation Scholarship Awards

The Valeo Foundation Scholarship Awards

Author: Racheal Mosimann

The Valeo Foundation has been awarding staff scholarships since 2018. The Valeo Foundation is the philanthropic entity of Valeo Behavioral Health Care. Since then, The Valeo Foundation has awarded a total of 13 scholarships totaling $30,000.

Meet Robin Ross, Crisis Case Manager at Valeo and scholarship recipient…..

Robin says, “Having the support of your employer in growing your career can be life-changing.” She expressed her appreciation for the scholarships she received while discussing the importance of this benefit to staff.

Ross explained, “to have the support of a scholarship is everything.”

Robin started her mental health career at Larned State Hospital as a trainee and then came to Valeo to work in the Crisis Center.  Since starting, she has continued her education and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work. Her hard work will pay off soon when she graduates in May.

Ross conveyed that upon coming to Valeo, she knew she wanted to advance in her career. She went on to say, “the scholarships gave me the support I needed to continue my education. This will allow me to advance according to my purpose.”

Ross continues, “The scholarships improve positive feelings in the work place, and they boost staff morale. In addition, I got to meet staff from other work areas and feel more connected. This also helped me to realize that not only did I have the support of my team but I also had the support of The Valeo Foundation Board Members too.”

Unlike many others, being awarded a scholarship does not disqualify a person from receiving another one the following year. Ross has received two scholarships during her time working toward her Masters Degree. She said, “I didn’t have to take out full loans and it really helped me get my textbooks and just lighten my financial struggles. I don’t even have the words for it, for a single mom, it’s a lot of money and it helped make my dream possible.”

No matter the situation, every person deserves a chance to follow their dreams and live the best life they can for themselves. Valeo supports not only their consumers in this, but their staff.  Ross finishes by saying, “People don’t want to have to stop school because they can’t afford it. The scholarship award program helped me do what I really wanted education wise and allowed me to pursue what I’m passionate about. This benefit has become a positive part of Valeo’s pursuit in bettering the community one staff and consumer at a time.”