Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance program relates to the process by which the treatment provided to all clients of Valeo is to be observed and documented. Further, it relates the process for any required changes to maintain or improve the quality of treatment. This includes treatment provided by all staff giving direct services in every service department of this Agency. This plan and all of its future addendums or modifications is available for review or perusal by any or all clients of Valeo, staff and administration of Valeo, Board of Directors of Valeo, any individual, group or organization of Valeo, any State of Kansas reviewing authority (e.g., SAPTR, Kansas Department for Aging & Disabilities), and any United States Federal reviewing authority.


  • Maintain and improve quality of care and treatment to all clients provided services by Valeo
  • Objectively and systematically monitor treatment provided by Valeo
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of treatment, paying particular attention to the strengths, needs, abilities, preferences & active involvement of clients in planning and decisions regarding services to be provided
  • Evaluate the quality of treatment and services
  • Discover possibilities to improve the quality of service
  • Discover any problems in the provisions of service
  • Discover methods to implement resolution of any problems or delinquencies in the delivery of treatment and services
  • Secure and maintain all data required to accomplish the above objectives

Ethical Standards

Valeo Behavioral Health Care knows that individuals seek services at a very sensitive point in their life, often in crisis, and are extremely vulnerable. Staff have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards possible in the development and implementation of treatment/services plans, which are responsive to the needs of each individual client.

Corporate Compliance Program

It is the goal of Valeo’s Compliance Program to demonstrate our strong commitment to honest and responsible conduct as a provider of behavioral health services and drug & alcohol treatment services. It is also the goal of this program to identify and prevent criminal and/or unethical business and professional conducts through the distribution of information regarding health care regulations and laws related to fraud and abuse and related issues.


Authorization For Release of Protected Health Information

Clients Rights Brochure


Copies of records will be provided to the person served, his or her representative or any other person/entity authorized by law to obtain such records within 30 days of the receipt of a valid Authorization/release of information or notification will be made to the requester. If copies are unavailable, the requester will be informed as to the reason why.


Valeo Behavioral Health Care

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