The goal of our NAVIGATE program is to help you cope with these experiences and improve your ability to work or go to school, live independently and have enjoyable relationships.

Does this sound like you?
  • Hearing or seeing things that others do not?
  • Having thoughts or beliefs that appear to you or others as strange?
  • Withdrawing from family and friends?
  • Feeling fearful or suspicious of others?

Valeo NAVIGATE Program offers Early Intervention Services for individuals, 15-36, who have recently had unusual thoughts and behaviors, or who have started hearing or seeing things that others are not.


If left untreated, these different thoughts, feelings, or behaviors can become worse over time.

Early Intervention

Valeo Behavioral Health Care offers programs to serve adults and families in Northeast Kansas. We accept most insurances, Medicaid, Medicare, and offer a sliding scale fee for individuals with limited financial resources.

Who can participate?

Individuals eligible to participate in the NAVIGATE Program:


  • Those between the ages of 15-36
  • Have been experiencing unusual thoughts and behaviors, or hearing or seeing things within the last two years that others do not
  • Are willing to have an evaluation by a health professional
  • Live in Kansas.


Persons who choose to participate in the NAVIGATE Program will receive treatment including:


  • Care and support for up to two years, based on needs and preferences
  • Help identify goals, finding a job or returning to school, family education and support, and other services, as needed
  • Medication treatment, if they or their doctor decide that it is needed
  • Interviews every three to six months to monitor how the person is feeling


Valeo Behavioral Health Care

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For more information, call (785) 233-1730 between 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday