Valeo Behavioral Health Care’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Statement

  • We at Valeo commit to prioritize and encourage a healthy, diverse environment through utilizing and building on strengths, maintaining equity of treatment, promoting and participating in inclusion of all, and applying equality in all situations.
  • Valeo commits to provide fair, appropriate, and useful behavioral health care to the community in support of all our identities, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability/ability status, history, social position, or other socially identified construct.
  • We commit to continuously learn, actively educate, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with every employee, volunteer, donor, board member, and stakeholder within our agency and those representing Valeo in our community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Human Resources Recruiter
Marquas Althouse  
Case Manager Team Leader
Robert Harder                              
Human Resources Assistant
Casey Hypse                                    
Mental Health Clinician
Wendy Lynch                                 
Health Promotion Specialist
Racheal Boyd                    
CDS Team Leader
Lisa Stewart                 
Outreach Case Manager
Jeni Moss                       
Outreach Case Manager
Amanda Vilander              
Workforce Development Specialist
Richard James                 
Recovery Specialist
Terri Coates-Gotta, LMSW                
Mental Health Tech
Pam Graham                         
Outreach Case Manager
Jade Hartke                  
Case Manager II
Sean Kelly                                            
CIS Assistant Program Coordinator
Shawna Wuenstel                
Expressive Therapies Manager
Mandy Griffin                    
Workforce Development Specialist
Alma Galicia                          
Outreach Case Manager
Margaret Steiner                        
Assertive Outreach Specialist
Amanda Drennon                     
Workforce Development Specialist
Carla Noriega                        
Mental Health Clinician
Isabelle Bauguess, LMSW                        
Corporate Development Director
Aimee Copp-Hasty
Certified Peer Specialist
Mary Greiner                         
Outreach Case Manager II
David Hodges                                 
Assertive Outreach Specialist
Kelly Kendall                                 
Art Therapist
Raven Milam                            
OSH Liaison
Kacey Moore                        
Intersection to Care Resource Liaison
Christie Brown                              
Jennifer Bolze                      
Outreach Case Manager
Shayne Johnson                              
HOPE Team Leader
Kim Williams-Gaston