Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT)

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)


Members receive ACT services in their homes, where they work, and in the community. ACT services are provided anywhere the person served has a need, experiences problems, and/or where support is needed.

What we offer:

  • A Strengths Based Practice which is provided through ACT working with smaller groups. They match supports and services for everyone.
  • No limits on time that support can be provided, services are provided at the level needed for as long as needed.
  • Continuous care via all team members. Members will become familiar with all ACT team members to allow more access to support.
  • More flexibility in scheduling as person served to staff ratio is more conducive to providing care that is tailored to the needs of our members.
  • Comprehensive services to meet the needs of the members and ensure that members receive the specialized supports needed at the time they need it.
  • Services are available 24/7 via phone and/or via Crisis Support Services.

What is Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)?

Assertive Community Treatment, or ACT, provides a wide range of services to people diagnosed with severe persistent mental illness (SPMI). ACT team offers complete, community-based treatment to those in the most difficult situations. The team helps with ongoing needs – where and when members need it most.

How Does ACT Help Members?

ACT helps members by providing support and guidance to take care of their basic needs. This can include medications, keeping appointments and getting through their day. ACT works closely with members to help identify which medications work best for them and strategies that support their independence and well-being. ACT helps with finding housing as needed as well as employment/volunteer opportunities in the community. ACT offers support and advocacy in exploring and identifying additional supports/services member is eligible for.

What is Different with ACT, Compared to Traditional Treatment?

ACT is an “evidence-based” practice. Many studies have shown that people who receive ACT support and services spend less time in hospitals, jail, and crisis. They are more likely to keep their jobs, experience increased quality of life, experience more positive relationships and connections, experience less intense symptoms.

How Does ACT Work?

Act works through a team approach, which includes psychiatrist(s), nurse(s), mental health professionals and case managers, supportive employment specialist(s), housing support, substance abuse specialist(s), SOAR certified support, and discharge planning specialist. This provides a level of ongoing care to the member with wrap around services.


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