Special Population Accommodations

Special Populations Accommodations 
P.A.T.H. Program & H.O.P.E. Connection
Valeo Behavioral Health Care provides housing assistance to individuals in Shawnee County who have severe persistent mental illness, and/or dual diagnosis with substance abuse and lack a regular adequate nighttime residence. We provide specialized Case Management Teams, and Assertive Outreach to assist those who are literally homeless, or at risk. Our Housing Specialist coordinates with all Valeo services, Case Managers, and community partners. Valeo is a Shelter Plus Care participating agency. We provide transitional housing services for consumers discharged from Osawatomie State Hospital and Nursing Facilities for Mental Health.
We Provide
  • Transitional Housing
  • Housing Assistance & Emergency Aid Resources
  • Specialized Case Management Teams
  • Assertive Outreach to the Homeless
  • Housing Support Specialist
  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Referral for Consumer Support Services
  • Consumer Advocacy
P.A.T.H. Program- (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness)
This is a Federally Funded program that includes a specialized team of Case Managers providing assertive outreach services to homeless adults suffering from a severe persistent mental illness and/or dual diagnosis. The goal of the P.A.T.H. Program is to provide services that will enable persons who are homeless and have serious mental illness to acquire housing while engaging in formal mental health treatment to improve their functioning.
H.O.P.E. Connection- (Homeless Outreach Partnerships for Empowerment)
Our P.A.T.H Team of Case Managers provides Assertive Outreach to make contact with persons who are homeless. The goal of the H.O.P.E. Connection is to reach out to the consumer, and serve them in their environment. We have two Case Managers located at the Topeka Rescue Mission, who provide Assertive Outreach on the streets and at locations frequented by the homeless.
2401 SW 6th Street 
Topeka, KS 66606

For information 785-357-0580
Intake Services 785-233-1730 for assessment
Housing Resource Specialist 785-783-3106

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