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Creations of Hope Gallery
The Creations of Hope Gallery is a professionally run art gallery and collective of artists dedicated to the mission of raising awareness of mental health through the exhibition of art. The gallery features artwork and special events highlighting the healing power of the arts. The Creations of Hope Gallery is located in the NOTO (North Topeka) Arts District and is sponsored and organized by the Expressive Therapy program at Valeo Behavioral Health Care. Artists do not need to be enrolled in Valeo Services to participate. Visit the Creations of Hope Gallery Facebook page to learn about current exhibitions and events.
909 N. Kansas Ave, Topeka KS
Regular gallery hours: Friday 12-5; Saturday 10-3

For more information:
Valeo Expressive Therapies
330 SW Oakley Ave.
Topeka KS 66606

The Mission of the Creations of Hope Art Gallery:
  • Celebrate the work of artists experiencing mental illness and artists that utilize art as a force for healing.
  • Provide an accessible and empowering resource for artists to enter the art community.
  • Raise awareness and educate about mental health through art.
  • Provide events that challenge stigmatizing views of special populations by focusing on creativity, strengths, and hope rather than disability.
Call for Artists
The Creations of Hope Gallery is seeking artists to exhibit in the gallery and welcomes all artists who would like to participate in our mission of advocacy through art. The Creations of Hope Gallery encourages applications from artists whose lives have been impacted by mental illness or who have utilized art as a source of healing. Artists do not need to be enrolled in services at Valeo Behavioral Health Care or need to experience a mental illness to participate.
Creations of Hope Brochure and Submission Form Follow Creations of Hope on Facebook
Support Creations of Hope with Your Donation
Creations of Hope is not a fundraiser for Valeo Behavioral Health Care. Proceeds from the sale of the art go to the participating artists. The Creations of Hope gallery initiative has received generous contributions from the Topeka Community Foundation and Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. to launch the program.  We need your help to help achieve a full of year of operation.  Your donations will be used for such things as:
  • Rent for the gallery space
  • Supplies for exhibits 
  • Vocational programs for artists
  • Educational materials on mental illness
To donate to the Creations of Hope art gallery visit:  
Or contact: Cara Weeks, Expressive Therapies Manager,

Donations are tax deductible. Valeo Behavioral Health Care is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Topeka KS since 1967.
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